Represent District 3

As an elected representative of the people of District 3, my job would be to be responsive to my constituents as I work to move the city forward. I support Mayor Snow in his leadership efforts and vision. I am especially inspired by the infrastructure work being done in and around downtown Richmond. I think it is a sign of good things ahead.

Fiscal responsibility

Our responsibility is to provide services for our residents, but we will have to do so with a limited budget. We have to find creative ways to fund initiatives and look for new avenues to bring in revenue. We have to look ahead, but the bottom line is we have to live within our means.

Economic development

My goal is to look for ways to grow the local economy, support local businesses and attract new investment opportunities. We have to build partnerships and continue the ones in place, including with county government, the Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County, the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and other commerce, development and economic leadership.


We have to continue and complete the work being done on our city streets, curbs and sidewalks while addressing any ongoing projects around the city. We have to make sure our citizens are informed and are part of the planning process for future projects.


We have to continue to work to provide adequate, safe and affordable housing for our citizens. I support Mayor Snow’s initiative of instituting a code enforcement office in the city administration as a way to address ongoing problems of trash, blight, health and safety with the goal of enhancing the quality of life for all citizens.

Our employees

Our staff are the lifeblood of our efforts as a city. We have to encourage and support them and pay them a fair and living wage while looking for ways to evaluate their performances and reward them for the work they are doing.

Human Rights Commission

The City of Richmond needs a fair and balanced commission to respond to complaints regarding discrimination in our community, whether it be for housing, hiring, harassment because of sex, race, religious affiliation or sexual preference.