Now the real journey begins

Now that the first step in this journey is over and, though I would have liked to have seen a few more people vote (actually a couple of thousand more), I’m pleased with the primary election results.

I want to congratulate all the candidates on their hard work and I look forward to joining them in the race to the finish this November.

I also want to thank all the people who have helped me with donations, guidance, hard work, creativity and encouragement. It has truly been an inspiration.

I feel good about what we have accomplished thus far and I look forward to getting out and working, and learning, as we take the next step.

One thing I truly believe is ahead of all of us. We need to energize the electorate, to listen to them, to find out their hopes and dreams for our community and to inform them about what we believe and hope to accomplish.

Starting today and for the next six months, we need to make sure they join us on this journey.

One thought on “Now the real journey begins”

  1. Well said,Bill. I am eager to join you and our other Democrat candidates to move Richmond forward. Congratulations and let’s get to work.

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